FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL: Magnus Opus and Exigence > What you want to know about Zika Virus

Working Title: What you want to know about Zika Virus
Audience: The public (class - young adults that will probably do some traveling)
Context: I will be discussing how the Zika virus is transmitted by examining which mosquitoes carry the virus and the preferred habitat of the mosquitoes carrying the virus. I will the be comparing the transmission of Zika to the transmission of Malaria. Next, I will be covering the effect and prevention of Zika.
Purpose: I am providing my classmates with factual and unswayed information about the Zika virus that will shed light on many unknown truths and misconceptions.
Document type: This will be an informative essay.
April 21, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterFV
Revise your audience to think primarily on young women. Most of the serious risk is carried by women, regarding pregnancy. You can, though, think about men too. Men who are sexually active should think about this exposure, out of abundance of caution for their partners.

I would narrow the geographic focus to some locations. Vacations blow the locations wide open, as in all of the equator, right? You can have a section on this, surely.

Everyday risk: We do need to think about warm, temperate areas like Florida, Texas, and even up the East Coast to DC.

One important service you can do, is to curate the best sources on the web: CDC, NIH, and even those websites that are trustworthy. Be sure to look at the Wikipedia entries also. I can give you some credit for editing those entries. Ask me about this aspect of your project.
April 23, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea