FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL: Magnus Opus and Exigence > Are there any benefits to having a music¬†education?

Audience: The audience is anyone interested in music education. This could include parents, who wonder if they should get their kids involved in music, teachers, and those in charge of school administration and government who are deciding necessary classes and funding allocated to certain courses.

Context: There has always been an ongoing debate about whether music is beneficial or not. Does it improve cognitive abilities, help with language skills, provide an avenue of communication with others, and help people be happier? Also, funding for music education has been cut in recent years, and it's important to investigate whether we are doing our youth a disservice by giving them less of an opportunity to learn music.

Purpose: The purpose is to inform the public about whether or not there are benefits to learning music, especially in primary education. If there are benefits, I will explain what they are, and why it's important to develop musical skills.

Document Type: This could be a guide for parents, for them to decide whether or not to get their children involved in music. Or, it could also be a proposal, where I talk about the funding cuts, why it shouldn't be cut (benefits), and try to convince the government to give more money to music programs in school.
April 21, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJY
J -- You could provide a really useful analysis of what the evidence says about musical education benefits. Start first with the particular joy and competence of instrument and musical skills. These matter in and of themselves. Then, you can shift to some of the ideas about strengthening math skills and performance. What other claims are made about musical skill?

If you wish to combine the idea of guide and proposal, you may want to think about a school setting. One sort of guide could help parents think about the educational aspects of music AND give them arguments to make a case for musical education in their school or district. Where did you go to school? Best to think about the settings you are familiar with.

Let me know.
April 23, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea