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Leishmania and Leishmaniasis Research Prospectus

Audience includes potential funders and those interested in ongoing Leishmania research.

Inform those interested/who need to know about my research plans involving Leishmania genomics studies (ie; transcriptome analysis and comparison among various species).

The purpose of this document is to serve as a baseline for a future thesis proposal on my ongoing research in the El-Sayed lab on campus.

A combination between a research proposal and a literary review, but not quite yet a grant.
April 24, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMadeline Alizadeh
So, we will call this research documentation toward the goal of internal funding for summer work and prep for your thesis proposal/results for next year.

This will rely on LITERATURE REVIEW. As we spoke about, you can work primarily on the Introduction and Methods sections, to complete this work.

For the funding aspect (and for background), you can spend some time on making the case for L. research. Say, four to ten paragraphs describing the case. WHO, UN, PAHO, and even some CDC sources will be helpful, in addition to the biomedical literature. See if V. can share some sources.
April 25, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea