FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL: Magnus Opus and Exigence > Surviving BSCI171 Lab

My final paper is going to be a literary guide aimed at educating instructors in BSCI171 lab. I will include teaching tips and other hints to help TAs in particular but also include some suggestions regarding the structure of the class.

As this class is a major introductory lab that many in major and out of major students take, having competent TAs is a must. As I have TAed this course this past semester, many students have received bad course grades because of the lack of proper instruction due to the nature of the course. Also the progression of the course is skewed as topics increase rather fast in level of difficulty. Student drop out rates are also a problem along with the nature of how the assignment due dates are structured.

In this paper I am going to write an instructors guide regarding how to optimally teach the lab. As the lab is considered a weed out course where there are many grading nuances that act to the detriment of the students, I hope to educate TAs on how to better inform there students. Also, lack of persistent training can lead some TAs to be aware of proper teaching techniques. Hence, I will look to educate TAs on varying techniques that engage the students in order to facilitate an active learning environment. The guide also aims to help educate TAs on certain mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety that may affect student performance. After reading this guide, TAs should be able to better identify and obtain the necessary help for students that are suffering from such ocnditions.
May 5, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRohan Singh