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Beginning: I will begin by hooking the audience with a couple of interesting statistics and some fun facts about using animals for lab research that will get them interested in the rest of the paper. I will introduce the necessity of understanding animal research, to choose the most effective animal for a research project. Furthermore, I will explain to the students how this information is applicable to their lives, as they will all be conducting their own research in the near future (pathos).

Middle: My paper will cover the use of monkeys, rodents, guinea pigs, zebrafish, and drosophila in research, explaining which area of research each animal is used for. Additionally, the paper will discuss the pros and cons of using each of these animals in research, and how that plays into researchers’ decisions of which animals to use for their project. For example, sometimes animals are used for reasons of convenience (easy to house, etc.) as opposed to scientific reasoning (they are more related to people, etc) (logos). In this section of my paper, I will also discuss the credibility of my cited information (ethos).

End: I will end the paper by summarizing the overall main points of my paper, and having a closing thought that puts all of the information read from the paper into one coherent picture (take home message). I will also discuss the limits of my evaluation, and I will bring in specific case studies (real-life examples) about using some of the aforementioned animals. Lastly, I will suggest further sources of reading for the medical students. This will be a “what-to-know" paper.

Logos: Logos in this paper will include statistics and information from different researchers and scientists, nonprofit organizations, and credible online sources.

Ethos: The ethos of the paper will discuss the credibility of statistics and where I got my facts and information from.

Pathos: The pathos of the paper will discuss how important it is to know which animals are used for different purposes of research in order to conduct effective research.

Beginning: Hook audience with interesting statistics and facts, and introduce topic and importance of the topic to them
Middle: Go into detail about monkeys, rodents, guinea pigs, zebrafish, and drosophila incuding:
Which areas of research people use each of these animals for
Pros and cons of using each of these animals in research
Also, discuss credibility of sources being used for facts and information
End: Discuss overall picture, take away message

Goal: The goal of the paper is to inform medical students of the uses of animals in research in order to promote awareness and help sustain a society of knowledgable researchers for the future.
May 1, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAM
A, I like the overview plan to look briefly at a number of study animals. Try drafting now, because keeping the size under control can be difficult in a 7-10 page document. If need be, you can trim down to three or four, or you can re-organize into categories:


Let me know. Also, take care with the idea of "fun facts" -- the medical school seminar setting is more formal. Recall that one of your primary goals is help medical students anticipate reading about animal studies. These studies can help doctors with both diagnosis and treatment decisions.
May 2, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea