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Beginning: I will begin the paper by citing the challenges that the public health community faces that can potentially be fixed by Geographic Information Systems (GIS). These challenges will act as my hook to grab the audience in. Next, I will explain what GIS is, how it is an up and coming field and how it has the potential to fix the aforementioned problem- this I will keep relatively short, as I will go into greater detail on these topics in the next section of the paper.

Middle: In the middle of the paper, I will discuss research papers that discuss the current and past use of GIS for public health purposes. I can use some relatable examples, such as the famous cholera outbreak of London that was stemmed by using what were essentially GIS techniques. I will also talk about how GIS has been implemented in other countries and compare such implementation to how it is being implemented in the United States to see how it can be improved.

End: I will end by discussing the future of GIS in public health. This aspect of medicine is relatively novel, and researchers believe that there is great potential in it. This is the part in which I will investigate the diagnostic potential of GIS (whereas in the other parts of the paper I will focus on how GIS can localize disease and track its spread).

Logos: The logos in this paper will come from the data that shows how the use of GIS can be beneficial for public health. Also I will make sure to be clear on how GIS actually works

Pathos: I hope to be able to find quotes from individuals that are relevant to this topic. Perhaps I can discuss the cholera outbreak in London and use testimony from that time period to illustrate how frightening the disease was. I could also potentially use this as a hook.

Ethos: I will use reputable journals and researchers in order to establish credibility for this paper. I can discuss the qualifications of the researchers that I cite as I discuss their work in the paper.

Structure: I aim to follow an almost a chronological structure to this paper. The beginning will focus on the technology of GIS, what it is, and what problems it can fix. The middle will look at what is presently being done with GIS, and the end will look at the future of the technology and its potential.

Goal: The purpose is to act as a medical school seminar paper discussing the use of GIS in the health fields and its diagnostic potential; however, I also hope that individuals who are interested in this up and coming field will find my work both informative and easy to read. I wanted to move away from focusing solely on the diagnostic aspect of GIS and center my paper more around a "review of technology" type of focus.
May 2, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAkhil U
I would also like to apologize for forgetting to post this last night and turning it in late.
May 2, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAkhil U
A, your focus has shifted from the cardiology case of GIS, right? I like the cholera case, which is as you identify, really a mapping solution.

You might also note that epidemiology uses mapping, with the idea of cancer belts and cancer alleys.

Start looking at all the cases now, so you can decide between an overview approach or a narrowed case approach. One intermediate way is to teach about three or four main ideas.

Recall that medical school seminar papers tend to focus on diagnosis and treatment. Look for that connection at the conclusion of your document.
May 2, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea