FINAL PROJECT:Structures and Arguments > Kayla’s Excellent Guide to Scoping Out Graduate School in the Emerging Field of Biomedical Engineering

provide history of biomedical engineering, explain my story and why I’m interested, explain the problems I’ve encountered, term definitions of bioengineering vs biomedical engineering, discuss job opportunities and outlook

discuss how to apply, different requirements and opportunities of different schools, tests, costs, classes,

End: give a summarized timeline, FAQ

1) School rankings from US News and World Report, 2) requirements from graduate school programs, 3) GRE information, 4) history of biomedical engineering

how does one approach graduate school in a new field, curiosity and stress, helping people and taking a way suffering and stuff

credibility of sources like US bureau of labor statistics, US News and World Report, and the graduate program websites, along with a review of biomedical engineering education from the Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering journal, field is in search of an ethos, accreditation by ABET is yet at graduate level

I will have a few different structures. The first part will be cover note/letter of introduction, background section for term definition, schools, requirements timelines/application process, costs, student opportunities

Become confident in how to apply to graduate school, understand the pros and cons of some different programs, know the requirements to complete the application process
May 3, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKB
Yes. As we discussed in office hours....and, pay attention to the voice idea. How is this going? Will you stay in first person?

You will not know, really, until you try.
May 5, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea