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BEGINNING: I am going to begin my paper with a hook by providing a statistic on the need for PA's in the medical field, which has lead to an increased number of PA school applicants in the past few years. This section will also include brief description on what a PA is, including what they do day to day, where they can work, salaries, ability to specialize/switch specialties ect. The bulk of this section will be about PA school, emphasizing the application process. I will provide information on the competitive admissions process and the lack of support for pre PA students in colleges to give my paper relevance. Statistics and examples from schools will be used, as well as information from the AAPA.

MIDDLE: this section will include a timeline, as well as several paragraphs on each aspect of the admissions process, for example a paragraph on required college classes and grades, clinical hours, internships, essays ect. I will focus on PA schools in the Mid-Atlantic region.

END: this section will focus on the benefits of becoming a PA. PATHOS will be used to give an example of a story that exemplifies how rewarding the profession is. FAQ outlining the main points will be found at the end of this section

LOGOS: statistics from AAPA, PA schools, job outlook (bureau of labor)
PATHOS: rewarding stories from PA's
ETHOS: credible websites, information from real PA's and drs about PA's

Cover page
Introduction with description of PA profession and PA school, introduces the process of applying to PA school and its challenges for college students
Body with timeline and aspects of the application split into individual paragraphs
Conclusion emphasizing the benefits of the PA profession
FAQ section

GOAL: provide a guide for the process of applying to PA school that can be followed throughout college and throughout the applications process. This will focus mainly on the University of Maryland since the audience is pre PA students at UMD. Possibly putting in pre health office
May 4, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJM
J -- you may want to start with benefits of PA profession. Perhaps the closing could look at additional options, like do schools include PA specialization like pediatrics or emergency medicine?

Look at the pre-health office materials online; take the ones you like, as models for content and style, in this manual.
May 5, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea