FINAL PROJECT:Structures and Arguments > Preface and Chapter 1 of Lectures on Degree Theory andĀ Applications

The preface will open with an anecdote and contain many of the definitions defined imprecisely. The first chapter will contain more rigorous definitions of necessary terms.

The "middle" will be most of the first chapter of the book. This will contain a basic motivation for the study of degree theory in terms of bifurcation points, a proof of a theorem of Krasnoselskii on bifurcation points, and an introduction to the concept of a homotopy.

The "end" should set up clear motivation to lead into the next chapter (which will not be included in this document) and should provide clear transition to the next topic.

Formal definitions and proofs of theorems.

Historical context of the development of the ideas.

Sources, primarily coming from a professors lecture notes. His ethos in the subject is the primary source of ethos.

Tell a story

To inform
May 4, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWG
Yes. Good plan. You will use LaTex, right?

Also, the notion of closing with an eye to transitioning to Chpt. 2 is good.

Will this be a digital book? Print book? Both?
May 5, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea