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I am going to start the lab off with being uncomfortable as a public speaker and then move into the struggle of approaching varying teaching methods. I will then go into the fact that it is perfectly normal to be nervous to teach. This should help to establish a baseline that then suggests the varying techniques that should be used to help with various problems that may be imagined with teaching.

I am going to present various studies that support my proposals regarding various teaching method styles and tips on how to identify various student-related issues. In this section I will also provide information regarding restructuring how certain labs are taught. By this I aim to use a different approach regarding teaching certain lab techniques.

I will summarize multiple sources that directly apply to the course. I will also use this section to establish the importance of student-instructor relationship dynamics. I will then relate this to the various issues and my suggestions for those issues in this section.

1) Identify problems in lab based on student grade trends.
2) identify other potential problems that have been noticed.
3) Provide solutions/suggestions to various problems.
4) establish and explain the importance of addressing these issues in order to optimize student experience in the class.

I have gone through this experience many times before and know that these issues can be easy to ignore and hard to address. Also talk about hard working students that have not done well in the class due to very picky grading methods.

I have been GSSing for 3 semesters and have TAed for a semester at UMD for various biology courses. Also, I am usually highly accredited articles to support my claims.

I will first identify a problem and the relevance of those issues. I will then suggest solutions. To conclude I will address the importance of addressing these issues.

To provide a comprehensive guide for instructors on how to create a learning environment that optimizes the student experience in order for them to get the most out of this class.
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