FINAL PROJECT:Structures and Arguments > Increasing Cellulose Digestion in Cattle with cel-1 Recombinant E. coli

The overall structure of my paper will be a pear shaped. It will start with a light introduction that speaks to the purpose of the research proposal (what problems I am addressing). The middle section will be dense with information regarding the methodology of the experiment. The end will introduce challenges that may arise during implementation (ethical concerns/government regulations).

I will hook the audience by providing a backdrop to the problem at hand: beef consumption in America is costly and inefficient. I will need to describe how my proposal will help reduce the problem by driving the cost of cattle care down. The main benefit to my proposal is monetary, so I will need to play this up to capture the attention of investors. I will also need to provide scientific background information that will speak to the validity of this experiment.

The main part of my document will be the methodology and implementation of the project. I will need to explain the exact procedure that will be used to make and introduce the recombinant DNA into the rumen of the cow. I will need to explain the hypothesized effects and back up my assumptions from similar experiments that have been previously conducted. I will also need to introduce expected costs, and possible roadblocks in this project.

The end should focus on how to launch the project, including how to get approval from the various governing federal agencies. This is an area of some uncertainty, considering there is not much surrounding research. The document’s primary function is to propose this experiment to increase cellulose digestion in cattle, and the secondary function is to convince investors that this is a viable project. Recommendations should be made regarding how to make this proposal a reality. Future direction should be explored depending on the results of this project.
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