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In every part of the world, water scarcity and water quality is a problem. Currently, in the United States of America, watersheds are continuously being polluted due to impervious surfaces, stormwater runoff, and combined sewage overflow problems that are arising. Now arising, grey water recycling and reclamation is an alternative to combat the problem of polluted watersheds while addressing water scarcity. Addressing these problems, the University of Maryland, Solar Decathlon Team will tackle these problems of water scarcity and water quality through innovations in grey water recycling. This paper will evaluate different grey water filtration technologies that currently exist and the University of Maryland Solar Decathlon Team’s approach for grey water filtration and water conservation.

I imagine a reader who is not all too familiar with UMD's grey water system and who is skeptical about reusing water that has been used before questioning the quality of the water.

I'm not too sure if I will feel comfortable about reusing water that's already been used before, especially if it is coming from the shower. Can this system guarantee that I will not get sick from reusing it? What is the team doing to ensure that the water is at the right quality that it's supposed to be used for, which is to be recycled back into the house?

Currently in the United States, watersheds are reportedly being polluted due human activities. As the human population grows, the demand for water will also increase. Many parts of the United States get their drinking water from close waterbodies. However, as the demand for water increases, the pollutants and contaminants entering the watershed also increases. Therefore, the movement towards stormwater infrastructure and green infrastructure are being introduced to cities all throughout the US. Another approach to combating the problems of water scarcity and water quality is grey water reclamation on site. Currently in the US, there are still so many people who are not conscious about the amount of water they are using every day and that not all activities require potable water. Therefore, this paper will evaluate the effectiveness of different technologies, describing the benefits of reusing water, and assess UMD’s design for grey water filtration for their Solar Decathlon entry.

Voice: A combination of formal (analytical) and informal. I will be more formal, third person, when I am discussing the different technologies. However, since I am involved in the creation of the grey water system for UMD's Solar Decathlon house, I think I will use first person and be more casual about discussing it.

Citation: APA (Source, Year)
May 5, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterEG

You can address this reader by suggesting that many grey water systems can be used for systems other than drinking or even showering: water for gardening, water for toilet flushing -- perhaps others.

Might you suggest that the team plan some microbial swipes of grew water on agar, as a way to demonstrate the low bacteria counts? What if you design a sanitizing system, too, like UV treatment?

Touch base with DA, so you can read the drafts of each others' technical documents. Such a great project! GO SUSTAINABLE TERPS!!!!!!
May 7, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea