FINAL PROJECT: Abstract and Reader's Reponse > Properties and Applications of Quantum Dots

ABSTRACT: Quantum dots are semiconducting nanoparticles with eccentric physical and electric properties. Despite still being relatively new, quantum dot research has already had impactful influence in areas such as cell labeling/detection and quantum computing. Recent research from the University of Maryland has resulted in new methods to manipulate the non-centrosymmetric structure of quantum dots (Weng 2014), as well as the possibility to achieve new properties through controlled matter interactions (Zhang 2015). Additionally, quantum dot research has received global interest, such as Dr. Ji’s research in France on the nanoshell resonance of quantum dots (Ji 2015). The purpose of this article is to provide an informative input to rising Physic undergraduates on the accomplishments of quantum dots and the potential benefits that may come from furthering research in this field.

READER’S PROFILE: Undergraduate Physic students that may still be undecided on which area of Physics to pursue.

READER’S RESPONSE: Having just been enroll in the Physics program, I may not necessarily understand much about this topic and would probably be more suitable for undergraduate seniors thinking of pursuing graduate school.

VOICE: Formal and third person.

CITATION: Formal sentence citation.
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You have a good plan here. Do you have sections heads now? Will you use LaTex for your document work?
May 7, 2017 | Registered CommenterMarybeth Shea