FINAL PROJECT: Abstract and Reader's Reponse > How to Put Things in Order: A Guide to the Various Ways for a Computer to Sort a List

ABSTRACT: My informative guide looks to provide an introduction to the different ways that a computer puts a list in order, named sorting algorithms. I provide readers with a way to learn about or clarify these algorithms, as they are a foundational part of the field of computer science. My guide will provide a full introduction to the concepts behind the algorithms as well as the pseudocode that shows the step by step way to actually implement them. These different types of explanations give readers of different levels the ability to understand and gain knowledge from the paper. In addition to simply explaining the algorithms, my article provides different uses for each. This includes pros and cons as well as comparing the differences in between the sorting algorithms presented. Overall, my document provides a baseline for new students looking to learn or use this as a resource for their classes or personal knowledge. It also gives insight onto how to choose a sorting algorithm for what you need to do.

READER PROFILE: I imagine a reader who is too new to the concepts to understand what is going on
READER RESPONSE: While I sort of understand the goal of sorting the lists, I don’t know why there are so many different ways to do it. What does it mean for the algorithm to “take longer?” When would I ever actually use this in the real world? I may need to get a bit of preliminary knowledge before reading and understanding this fully, so where should I go to get that information?

Sorry this was late. I swear I submitted this on Friday but I guess I missed a step.
May 8, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterLP