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How to do a load of laundry:
1.) Gather all dirty clothes up from the floor and place them into one location.
2.) working from this pile, separate clothes into dark colors and light colors, respectively.
3.) carry one of your new piles to laundry area.
4.) Turn knob on washing machine to designated washing type (ie Normal, permanent press, etc) and start water flow as determined by your individual machine.
5.) Unscrew the lid to your laundry detergent.
6.) Pour detergent into its lid, measuring out specific amount (this step will vary depending on type of detergent used).
7.) Empty contents of lid into washer.
8.) Put one pile of dirty laundry into washer.
9.) Close washing machine lid or door (varies by brand).
10.) When washing cycle is complete, commonly evidenced by a buzzing noise, open lid to washer.
11.) Remove wet clothes from washer and place them into the Dryer.
12. Set knob on dryer for desired dry setting (ie permanent press, delicate, timed dry).
13.) Turn on dryer (varies by brand)
14.) End of drying cycle will commonly be signaled by a buzz.
15.) Remove your dry, clean clothes from the dryer.
16.) Fold your clothes and put them back into drawers.
17.) Repeat from step 3 with second pile of dirty laundry.
October 31, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterRudi Byron