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Getting pulled over is not a fun experience for anyone. It is a delicate situation that can turn from routine to serious with one wrong move. There are several steps that police officers recommend you take to prevent the situation from turning dangerous. These extra steps allow the police officer to feel safer and allow the situation to move faster and smoother, for your sake and the officers.

When you see or hear the siren of a police vehicle you should slowly pull over to the right shoulder of the road and come to a complete stop. Once your vehicle is at a stop you should:


1. Turn off your car
2. Take keys out of the ignition and place them on your dash board
3. Keep your seat belt on
4. Lower the driver window (in order to facilitate communication with police officer)
5. Allow the police officer to approach your window before trying to find your license, registration and insurance card
6. If asked for these items make sure to let the officer know where they are and ask for permission to reach for them (specially if they are in the glove compartment)
7. Find your license, registration and insurance card and give them to the officer
8. Respectfully ask any necessary questions and allow the officer to answer
9. If necessary sign ticket or citation
10. Remember that this is not a signature of admission and if you feel you have been wrongly accused you will have a chance to prove your case in court
11. Slowly pull out of the shoulder and get back on the road
November 7, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterNatalia Perez