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Structure and arguments

Post today.

And, two in-class exercises on 3-by-5 cards:

  • Venn diagram and sketch of your arrangement
  • And/But/Therefore statements (will appear in your final paper and your abstract.

Samples of ABT statements from previous classes.  Slide set here for graduate students in environmental science, to see other ABT statements.

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Today, some design work

on your review.  You will need to complete this by Friday, May 4.  Today, we will look at the guidance documents and consider a few examples in class.

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Post your project proposal today 

Here.  Format is:


Working Title (in the subject line of post).  




DOCUMENT TYPE (please think about this carefully; not a term paper. In class we will keep talking about options.) 

Next up?  Two mini assignments (annotated bib. and audience analysis sheet) toward your final project, CHANGED!  Due to Captcha-Confusion.  DUE both: (hard copy) to turn in on Wednesday, April 25.






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M/W article review; looking to finals time

For Friday, please bring a digital copy of your review to class. We will work on a revision of your review into a designed document.  Recall that you will earn two grades for this assignment.

We will WORK IN MSWORD.  So, be prepared to use that program for designing your document.  We will use these two guidance documents.  We plan to be done on Wednesday, April 25, you can complete much of this in class. So, COME TO CLASS.

BUT, simultaneously, we work toward the final project, which will be due on Friday, May 18 at noon.

On Friday, you will need to propose your final project to me, in terms of AUDIENCE/CONTEXT/PURPOSE, with a working title and a proposed document type. Look at final projects from the fall for inspiration.

Then, an annotated bibliography of seven sources.  More on Wednesday.

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