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Last day! Thinking about titles

Couple of items.  I will start a final project crowd sourced tip sheet.  Enter your ideas/categories.  I will check on the list and finish with my tips and re-organization by Friday.

Here is the other resource of guidance on your final project. Recall that office hours will be 11-1 every day until the 21st.  Most people turn in their final folders between Monday 18 and Thursday 21.

Business items: 

  • Did you respond to the email from Scott Wible with the PWP Survey link to a Qualtics Survey about your class experience?  If not, go to your official campus email to find this.  This is the survey that matters the most to this class.  
  • You can also fill out the survey from CoursEvalUM.  
  • IN EITHER CASE, pay attention to the "direction" of the Likert Scale Grid.

Now, a fun item:  This exists. I thought you might need to know this.  And, if you do not know about the splendor of tardigrades, well, you are welcome! More such sciencey gifts are decribed at this article.



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Wednesday: in class reflection and Friday's post

Before you leave class today, you will need to print out a short reflection for me. Focus on REVISION, especially the last assignment of the article review, the revision into a designed document, and what you learned that you will use in the final assignment. Save a copy for yourself!  Active, specific reflection is associated with improved writing for audience, context, and purpose.

What seemed most daunting about the article review assignment?

Did you write the opening late or early in the drafting process?

What meta discourse strategies did you use (first person/second person announcements/signposts, counting out)

How complex were the definition/description paragraph(s) content for your reader?


Did the GroupMe ap help you in revising this document at any stage before turning in the first version?

Did you use the two days of peer review in class to advantage or, in other words, did you just delay your writing work to that last day; Be honest, this is for science." -- says the five-fingered Count R. )

What changes to the text did you make in the revision to the designed document (length, revised ending, better transition elements)

Name two or three MS Word techniques you learned or tried in this design assignment?


Name a technique or approach that you will use in the final project document.



By Friday,  please enter your Abstract/ Reader's Response post here.

Also, can you please fill out this evaluation survey for my program?  You should have receieved an email and unique link to a Qualtrics Survey by now.  Please check for this email and fill out the survey. Your responses will be anonymous and I will not see them until late January.  These questions reflect the work in Pwp courses much more carefully than the CourseEVAL UM system.  Thank you.


Start gathering your papers for your final folder submission. 





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Refining your thesis/problem statement

in ABT format.  Enter yours here, in class.  Add initials at end.  Note:  your ABT statement will appear in the first three paragraphs of your document to announce the information and "job" of the document.

For Monday, we have an in-class post to me about structure/arguments.  See examples here.

Have your collected all your documents for this class?  You need to turn in them in a final folder.

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Moving toward the end

Directions!  For 1/2 grade extra credit, make sure you share your directions in some way (complete extra credit activities by Wednesday):

Next up, audience analysis sheet (perhaps the most important guidance document yet for your final project). we will complete this in class on Wednesday and print out. I have a hard copy for you to draft with.  The link includes a MSWord document that you can type in.

More here on completing the class. 

A comment on grades and the pivot or seesaw at this point in the semester (in class).

Some audience resources, for this time in the semester (glance at them before Wednesday):

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Catching up!

Directions due Monday, where in class we will have our final peer review.  By Friday, you need to have a final project proposal. READ THESE SAMPLES.  You will post something similar.  More information on how to do that on Friday.  I suggest drafting in MSWord, GoogleDoc, and even a text editor.  Details on Posting in class.

Monday after TGbreak?  Sorry! BUT, seven item annotated bibliography.

Here is an assignment sheet to guide your directions. IGNORE THE REFERENCE TO BOOKS AT THE BEGINNING. All you need to know is on that sheet, on our examples, and discussed in class.

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