What do you have to do to complete the course? FOLDER PLUS REMAINING ASSIGNMENTS (Cover letter/Resume and Magnus Opus)

I will expand office hours in MAY, to be here EVERY DAY for CONSULTATION during the last week of class and during finals, until  you turn in your final folder.

OFFICE HOURS, generally midday, circa 11-1.  TBA in class, during the last week.

Turn in your final project, in addition to the folder:

  • Magnus Opus Final Project  due to me THURSDAY, May 18, NO LATER than 3:00PM
  • TAWES Rm 1230.  I will be waiting.

Place these documents plus all other course materials in a folder.

You have the folder checklist now. I gave this out in class.

  1. Staple to the cover of your folder.

Final Project, aka MAGNUS OPUS (Latin for Great Work) checklists:

  1. TIP SHEET of paper format and contents
  2. Proofing tip sheet ONE: Kelly's Top 10
  3. Proofing tip sheet TWO: Concision Tables

  Cover Letter and Resume Assignment (TO BE DISCUSSED IN CLASS)

  1. Tip Sheet on Resume Lapses/Sample Cover Letter and Guide