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WORKING TITLE: Neuroblastoma, A Parent's Guide

TOPIC: A comprehensive guide focused toward parents of children who have neuroblastoma.

LAY AUDIENCE /CONTEXT: I will explain what exactly Neuroblastoma is and go into either what the best institutions are for treating neuroblastoma OR treatments that are often used to treat Neuroblastoma and possible future effects of these treatments on children.

PURPOSE: I hope to inform parents and family members of children with neuroblastoma of useful information that might otherwise be difficult to find and provide them with hope in such a serious situation. Also to inform them of situations of which they might not have earlier considered.

DOCUMENT TYPE: An informative document that can be presented in a pamphlet or magazine to inform parents and family members effected by Neuroblalstoma.

CITATION STYLE:Annotated Bibliography with familiar language.
May 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTinsley Stokes