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Little pause to contemplate the end

Tasks for Thursday:


  1. Bring digital document of your review for revision by this checklist/guide for summer. Here is a very rough guide to what we will complete -- PLUS YOUR REVISIONS BASED ON MY COMMENTARY -- in class on Thursday, to print out and turn in for a grade.  
  2. Consider if you will take the Wikipedia extra credit challenge, based on some content in your review (ToBeExplained).
  3. Have two ideas about a final project to go: 
    • working title
    • type of document (to know, to do, how to do)
    • audience
    • context 
    • purpose

Ok, in class we will search for three-to four images to use in our redesign.  Candidates include

  • journal cover
  • author image (permission email required
  • image from article
  • pull quote option (FROM THE ARTICLE)
  • "general" image from field that is copyright free
    • check government sources
    • see what professional associations offer
    • use a search on Google for permissions-free images 

We we learn a number of conventions on use, attribution, and professional courtesy.

Perhaps, we will have time for cover letter resume work.

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