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Wrapping up your designed review version; FINAL PROJECT

Steps toward your final project:

  1. Topic proposal, that addresses a thesis or problem statement that your document addresses.  Note also the real or highy plausible audience this document can address. (EMAIL ME BEFORE SUNDAY MIDNIGHT!)
  2. Annotated bibiiography of seven sources (FOR TUESDAY, IN HARD COPY)
  3. Audience analysis sheet, to control the final project writing choices (FILL OUT/COMPLETE TUESDAY, HARD COPY)
  4. Argument/structure analysis (TBD but due next Thursday)
  5. Abstract (TBD)

For Tuesday, you need an annoted bib of at least seven sources in HARD COPY. You will also need to bring a digital copy of the audience analysis sheet for Tues. We will discuss revise, and turn in at the end of Tuesday's class.

Today, we do this stuff: document design.

We wrap up the designed review article. I will mark and grade, returning these documents to you on Tuesday. You will have a grade for this assignment. 

You will need to complete the redesign in class, printing out this document at the end of the class session for a second grade.


We will all use this masthead, courtesy of Megan B. (now a medical illustrator):


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