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Last day!

Next week office hours; drop by with your document for a check and review, for your revising pleasure:

MTW 11-1

Thursday, 1-3 (YOUR FOLDER, plus cover letter/resume, and final project due to me at 3; then I bike off with your work to a long grading session. BE ON TIME)

For those who have been coming to class, thank you.  I hope that details about the final project confer upon you the advantage of knowledge.

A few links for interest. Stay tuned to the ocean plastic problem. Read this about our clothes and micro-plastic. We need to think about life cycle analysis and supply chains.  

Good news!  Patient peer review on biomedical articles.  Those of you writing patient guides may want to close with this idea for your patients. Pay attention about the open access trend; Nature tries a middle-of-the-road version. (Note the italics on the journal title!)

Funny science journal news featuring Marge Simpson.  Not so funny news (naughty word alert) on automated journal peer review process.  You need to proofread! Retraction Watch's take here.

Hard news:  Mistakes were made (strategic use of third person).

Gorgeous set of Einstein papers described here....for wonder. 


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Redo of link

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Last day!

Folders due in TAWES 1220, the PWP Office; BY NOON.  I will bike away then. DO NOT BE LATE.

I will be there between 10:30 and Noon to shake your hand and say goodbye.  Note, you could drop off the paper into a slot that is at the right of the door.  


Here is a final project checklist we will build in class today.

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Tuesday/Thursday WRAPPING UP

Summer is so fast!  How are your final documents going?  In-class session where we will talk about

  • beginnings (Review our choices here..)
  • endings (restate problem or thesis; give audience a clear take-away.)
  • shapes/structures of documents (modular or packet; lemon shape)
  • headings and subheadings (allow reader to return to information easily.)

We will address the sbstract, looking at several examples from previous students.  Please send this to me by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.  Here, you help me preview your document and present your conclusion or main take=aways for your audience.  

For Thursday, we look once again at the final document for one last check.  You should be DONE ON THAT DAY, really, with small questions and fine details, including a check on proofreading, formatting, and small last touches.

We will also look at cover letters and resumes. Review what you likely already have, based on the handout. Thursday can be thought of as a revision session for these documents. You will turn in both documents to me in your final folder.  Have in mind a real or plausable audience for the cover letter.

Wikipedia curation?  Improve one page, either on your topic OR on green roofs.  Send me the link and copy the sentence and source you included.


Folder Checklist

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Finishing the class next week!

Lots of tasks to consider:


Today in class, you will develop an email to me about the structure your document will take and what will be your primary evidience in these categories:










Some important tasks discussed here and in class.

FOR TUESDAY bring a pocket folder to class. We will begin to assemble your portfolio to turn in, along with your final project and the cover letter/resume assignment. BRING ALL YOUR DRAFTS AND WORK FOR THE SEMESTER.

You will need to email me, by midnight tonight, your final project structure/arguments. We will discuss this assignment in class today. 

For TUESDAY AND THURSDAY, we will be drafting and revising your final document.  This work will help you for the small assignment due on THURSDAY, the last day of class: 

An Abstract of your final project/Reader's Response.  You will also need to bring hard copy of your cover letter/resume for peer review. 

July 10 is the last day of class! You will bring a NEARLY PERFECT DRAFT OF YOUR FINAL PROJECT to class.  We will use peer review and discussion as the way to polish. We will also write a Critical Response to the Service Learning Project/List of tasks.

EVERYTHING is due on Friday morning by noon JULY 11, to me in my PWP Office (TAWES 1230).

Cover letter and resume resources:cover letter/resume options

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