Preview of the Honors Writing Initiative

1) Two sample "brand"/art identities

a) Beloved beta fish (now deceased)

b) Second option: Thinking Turtle (Honors graphic)

2) Sample short enhanced podcast: for either 1) Download as MP4 file and view in QuicktimeMovie or 2) view on MP3 player

a) Apostrophe Crime (one minute -- very rough; needs enhanced images)


Enhanced podcasts are one type of media-based learning.  Here are some fine media-learning samples to study.

3) Brief set of media-based learning examples:

a) Grammar Girl -- audio and print format of grammar lessons

b) CommonCraft:  Plain English video tutorials

What is Twitter?

 c) (down memory lane) with Grammar Rock

Conjunction Junction


d) Student-produced cell bio video from Harvard (big hit on YouTube)


e) Linguistics grad student grammar observations