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Title: Beginner’s Guide to Satisfying a Sugar Glider

Audience: New or prospective sugar glider owners. New sugar gliders will know what they need to do for their pet, and prospective owners can decide if they want to make the commitment to owning a sugar glider. Secondary audience: People who are curious to learn about sugar gliders in the home.

Context: Unlike goldfish, dogs, and cats, how to take care of a sugar glider is not widespread knowledge. Sugar gliders are considered “exotic” pets, and not all of the information on the internet is reliable, because there is little primary research about sugar gliders as pets. Due to the gliders’ rarity, people may be on the fence about owning a sugar glider if they don’t know anyone who can tell them both the good and bad of having one.

Purpose: Create a printable, user-friendly guide to taking care of a sugar glider, using information from primary research and my own experience. Provide clear, step-wise directions where useful, and use lists, charts, and helpful pictures. Describe both the pros and cons to owning a glider, and issues I’ve encountered over the years. Readers should walk away understanding what a sugar glider is and how to take care of one.

Document type: manual/reference
November 20, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJanine Taira