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Topic: Ticks harbor a lot of diseases that can be harmful both humans and animals. Optimal habitat and availability to host species have caused tick populations to increase in the past couple of years. With this increased risk the EPA, CDC and USDA have started creating an integrated pest management strategy to reduce tick populations. One focus is to reduce disease risk on school grounds as well as increase awareness amongst the school community to protect students.

Technical Audience: School employees, children, schoolyards.

Lay Audience: Homeowners, other people in the community at risk of tick disease, parents.

Exigence: For this project I would like to write up a management plan or a brochure that can be given to schools in order to reduce the risk of ticks. There are a lot of studies going on about how to best reduce tick populations and disease risk. However, I feel it is important to outline management strategies that are easy for schools to implement. For example, increasing awareness about how to identify ticks and using small mammals to reduce populations in a given area.
Below are some sources that describe more about integrated tick management and the research project will be a part of over the summer.
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