Post Here: Definition Topic/Audiences/Exigence > An Insight on the Incidence of Breaking Sterility in the Operating Room and a Guide on How to Properly Maintain the Sterile Field

Audience: The audience is two part. One will be the professor who assigns the medical seminar paper on the procedure, this will be the secondary audience.The other part of the audience will be my fellow classmates who will use this paper as a guide to help them to learn, this will be the primary audience.

Context: I will be a medical student in my third or fourth year in my clinical rotation. I will be starting to observe operations and spend my time in many operating rooms. My professor will come up to me and ask me to write a seminar paper on the incidence of the problems with keeping sterility and a guide on how to keep sterility while in the operating room.

Purpose: This seminar paper will expose the surprisingly high rate of improper control of sterility within the operating room, describing how many doctors do not actually maintain the sterile field as well as they should. The next part will be used to describe ways to properly maintain the sterile field so that my fellow classmates have a guide on how to properly maintain the sterile field in the operating room. This document should help my fellow medical students feel more comfortable in the operating room when they are part of the sterile field.

Type of document: Medical seminar paper
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