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Audience Analysis Worksheet:

Environmental journalism is in rapid decline due to disinterest and a lack of reporting, and while millenials make up the majority of today’s population, they are also the one’s who have the ability to fix the problem, but don’t have the knowledge or resources to do so.

Who: As a millennial, I’m taking the stance of a current journalism student interested in environmental reporting looking for a solution to the current problem.
Primary audience: My primary audience will be other environmental reporters, and journalism students.
Secondary audience: My secondary audience is researchers and journalists who cover topics other than environmental issues.

Exigence: Environmental reporting as a whole is in desperate need of clarification and action because many people don’t even recognize that the lack of reporting is a problem. A lot of people believe that hearing about the weather or natural disasters constitutes as environmental reporting, causing them to neglect other important issues.
Comments on Risk or Caution: I don’t think there’s much of a risk with my paper, but there are always readers who have conflicting opinions which could lead to nasty online comments under environmental articles.
Comments on Time Frame: All article are dated, but emerging events tend to take time to build an audience. Natural disasters have a quicker media turnover because they happen so suddenly, but issues like climate change are constantly developing.

Outcome of writing: I hope to be able to influence future environmental journalists or people who have an interest in science writing. By writing this paper hopefully people will realize that environmental reporting is in danger of becoming completely obsolete and deserves more attention.
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