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Audience: The Maryland Summer Scholars review panel. This panel will consist of faculty researchers from each school within the university.

Context: Decreases in several aspects of cognitive function are a hallmark of normal aging. While this age-related cognitive decline can begin as early as in a person’s 20s, these deficits tend to become more significant and devastating beyond age 60. A wealth of research has been conducted on the benefits of exercise and physical activity on cognition and aging. These findings show that exercise and physical activity may slow the progression of cognitive decline associated with both normal aging and with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Despite our knowledge of the promising benefits of chronic exercise training, little research has examined the effects of acute exercise (a single session of exercise) on cognition in older adults.

Purpose: To receive a grant to conduct research on the proposed project. Which will utilize BOLD fMRI to determine the effects of acute moderate-intensity exercise on brain activation during a semantic memory task in cognitively normal older adults.
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