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My paper is going to an informative style document geared towards college students. It will look into the world of sports' drinks, energy drinks, and how each impact our health.

I plan on looking into why sports' drinks are designed for athletes, and how they can have an effect on the health of someone whose body is not being pushed to its limit regularly during training session. I plan on looking into the nutritional content of some energy drinks that are popular, especially around finals, and see whether the breakdown is similar to some possible alternatives (coffee, tea, etc.) Depending on the length of information I have from this, I may go on to discuss how these drinks mix with alcohol, both during and after a night out.

The purpose will be to educate college students of the nutritional facts of these drinks, and hopefully expunge some rumors that circulate around them.
May 1, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda Amodol